Everything Needs an API

This project has been in various states over the past 10 years or so - read more about the history. But I’d always felt like a simple, publicly available API would be part of the interface.

Recently found out about RapidApi and as I’d been considering pushing out the LowEndInsight library behind an basic API, figured it was worth a look.

It is now up in “ALPHA” form, while we continue the buildout of the backend services required to scale out in the event somebody actually wants to use it. :heart_eyes:

You can find the start of this journey here:


We’ll be working to update the documentation, release more marketeering on the “why”. As Quency itself gets its footing we’ll also be posting more about how were working to actually shift-left security, towards the developers who are responsible for the code that ends up on our production environments.

So What’s in a Name?

Yeah, so the name…like all things has a bit of a story. There is a lot of talk about “stacks”, e.g., LAMP stack (meaning Linux, Apache, MySQL, and PHP - sshh, I know I know). But it got a few of us talking about the need to have insight into the source code for the entire stack, and to be able to track changes (expected or otherwise) as the software builds and is ultimately delivered to downstream consumers. Some one said that this leads to a “no end in sight” situation - as not only is there more and more software in our “stacks”, but also the rate of change for each of those pieces is increasing.

I quickly picked up that as one of my favorite bands, ASG, has a song called “Low End Insight”.

And thus the idea that developers, project/product managers, need ways to identify risk in open source before it is added as a dependency. The source code being the “lowest” in the stack. And the tool being the insight needed to make informed decisions.