Bus Factor Critical

Bus factor is this basic idea that falls from a lack of shared knowledge, responsiblity, and/or ownership in a thing. “What happens when Sally gets hit by a bus?” (sorry Sally). If that were to happen, what the impact on the people relative to the thing.

Within Source Code Repository, Lies the (meta)Information

LowEndInsight was born in the basement of a windowless building somewhere not-so-interesting. It was then nurtered by a handful of researchers at Georgia Tech Research Institute as a software engineering/research tool, taking advantage of available HPC resources - and released as OSS itself.

At the core of this learning and research was applied distribution technique, specifically using Erlang and Elixir’s incredible footing in this space.

LowEndInsight has produced papers and talks, including details about the complexities associated with navigating from a language’s package ecosystem back to the source code. While LowEndInsight was not the first tool to poke at the “bus factor” problem associated with open-source software - it was the first to address the notion of “functional contributions and contributors” and the myths around the scope of communities relevance on the quality of the actual source code.

Since then, LowEndInsight is growing into a publicly avaiable API, for anyone to query a known-good, and valid Git repository. And the depth (get it low-end) of information gleened from repositories is expanding.

For more info reach out to Kit.